Good Morning All!

A little while ago I posted about my Psychology Exam, and already the day has come to find out my results.  Logging onto the University website took forever but finally the page showed up…………… 3 B+s and 2 Bs!!  Fantastic news, i thought, however this still only gives me 59% pass rate (I need 60% to get a 2.1 Honours Degree!) 

Looks like ill be adding ‘study harder’ and ‘less time on the internet’ to the list of New Years Resolutions


Hey everyone!  My day was pretty uneventful until I found myself in a treasury!! YAY!!  Here is the link to it http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=24249

Once I figure out how to make a screen shot I will add it to my blog- can anyone help me with this? 🙂

Miss(ed) Manners

 Wow!  Just had to post up this link to a gummy bear castle!  Fantastic work!

Morning all!  My latest feature is of monsterbugblankets and her Etsy shop, where she sells ‘blankets for babies and toddlers to cuddle under’.  Unfortunately no kiddies for me yet, since it means I have no children to buy her gorgeous blankets for!  However as gifts these would be perfect!  On her website, www.monsterbugblankets.com, she creates gift baskets using her own blankets and a gorgeous little teddy bear!  This is an example of her Cozy Gift Basket- any expecting mum woul love these!

Cozy Gift Basket

Monsterbugblankets also has a crafting blog, whereby she shares her creations and learns about running a small business.  Her fantastic and unique fabrics are unlike many you find in shops for children, something highlighted in her blog as she shares her blankets wit us all!  Her shop highlights the ‘added extra’ service and quality that buying handmade acoomplishes, especially with designs like this:

Apple Blanket

Monsterbugblankets can be found at her Etsy shop, blog and website:




Hello everyone!  This is my loooong overdue blog post.  Just to inform everyone that I have a new shop on etsy!  The old one didnt really reflect my shops style so heres the new link:


Be sure to swap your hearts from my old shop to the new one 🙂

I will be doing another Etsy Entourage piece soon too so keep a look out!!

How many of you stick to your New Years Resolutions?  I have given up making any since I usually forget what they are a few week afterwards!  However, I am determined to stick to these since they are of much more benefit to my life.

New Years Resolutions

1) Gain much more experience working with children

I have worked with children for a number of years, mainly in playgroups and nurseries, but for the past six months I have been a nanny for a number of families.  I am starting a new position at the beginning of January aswell 🙂  Hopefully I will have enough time to do some more volunteering work too.  Currently I am in contact with a local family support group for those with Autism and I hope my University timetable won;t get in the way!


I know everyone makes this resolution, but I was mildly successful in Winter and hopefully I will motivate myself enough to attend regularly!  It wills also prevent me from going out and shopping, therefore saving money too 🙂

3) Take more photos

My boyfriend is planning on getting himself a new car soooooh hopefully we can take some mroe trips around the UK so I can get my Etsy shop populated with items!

4) Re-Evaluate Shop

I have been selling since November so these past few months have been a taster for how much people like my photographs.  As a result I will be re-evaluating the overall look fo my shop.  I have recently done this with a new banner, which can be seen on my shop: http://MalibuBarbie112.com

The banner was courtesy of byrobinlynne.  This is the link to her blog- http://robinlynne.org     🙂

5) Focus on Friends

Since University I have met ALOT of flaky people and I think its time I focussed on my true friends 🙂

Who else has made New Years Resolutions that they HOPE they will keep?


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas!  I will be making some changes to my shop in the New Year so will be much more active on my blog and checking out other peoples!  Happy Holidays!!! 🙂